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A Chicken in Every Pod

Feb 14, 2021

Love is in the air. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and your hosts have taken a break from pitching woo to talk about the most romantic thing we could think of –– the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and the Prohibition conditions that led to it. Load up your Tommy gun, grab a stogie, and pour yourself a dang...

Feb 7, 2021

Get in losers, we're building America's transportation infrastructure!

Here's the thing: Kyle thought it would be fun to, over time, cover all the Cabinet positions, and since Ratboy Pete was just confirmed as Secretary of Transportation, why not start there? Well, the episode turned out pretty great despite the dull...

Feb 1, 2021


That's the sound of money, baby, because this week your best gal and fella are talking about Wall Street –– where did it come from? What does it do? Where is it going? We also sink our little teeth into the recent GameStop / Robinhood controversy, and put newly inaugurated President Lucia up to her first...