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A Chicken in Every Pod

Mar 29, 2021

Filibustin' makes me feel good!

Hello friends and enemies, on the new ChickenPod we're getting into the history of the filibuster! We talk about how and why the filibuster is a Jim Crow relic, why there is a movement to abolish it, and how it got to be what it is today.

Plus: the White House Easter egg roll, an...

Mar 16, 2021

Faith and begorrah!

It's the week of St. Patrick's Day, and your brave hosts are here to clink glass around a little glass of whiskey that we're sharing as we get into the history of the Irish diaspora in America and their most famous holiday.

Plus: Lots of attempts at accents, a round-up of the news of the day, and a...

Mar 1, 2021

Hey gang!

This week we've got an interrelated two-parter –– the history of Black History Month and its progenitor, the historian Carter Woodson, and the life and work of pioneering activist Fannie Lou Hamer. Strap on in folks –– this one's informative and powerful as hell!

Special credit to legendary blues...